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 Weekly Wanderings

We are a group of motorcyclists from southwest Washington that like to ride at least once a week, usually on Tuesday.

Where will we go this week?

Here are the rides I have planned

The rides may change.  They may be cancelled or moved to a different day.  I may add rides as I see fit.
At this time with everything considered we are bringing our own lunches and eating at rest stops (if there is a restaurant involved I will be sure to mention it).

I know 2023 was a bust as far as rides go but hopefully 2024 will be better.


April 10

Riding over to Scappose and then on to 47.  From there it's out to the Elk viewing spot on 202, then follow 202 to Astoria.  On to Knappa and the Logger restaurant for lunch, then home 30 and I-5.
185 miles and a little over 4 hours riding time.  SB back by 4.
99th St Transit Center,  KSU 0900



Not planning too far ahead this time of year.



Looking at David's ride.



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