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 Weekly Wanderings

We are a group of motorcyclists from southwest Washington that like to ride at least once a week, usually on Tuesday.

Where will we go this week?

Here are the rides I have planned

The rides may change.  They may be cancelled or moved to a different day.  I may add rides as I see fit.
At this time with everything considered we are bringing our own lunches and eating at rest stops (if there is a restaurant involved I will be sure to mention it).
Updated October 1, 2023


Oct 5

I am riding on Thursday. I will be going up to McClellan Overlook from Carson and heading down to Cougar. I was planning on having lunch at the Cougar Bar & Grill. Then winding my way back to Ridgefield.
145 miles and 4 hours riding time. SBB 3:30
Washougal Waterfront park, KSU @ 0900



Not planning too far ahead this time of year.



Not planning too far ahead this time of year.



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